Naismith & Jones August Clippings

To all Customers - Private, Commercial and Contractors


Are you a perfectionist when it comes to the final finish?

Do you strive for that immaculate groomed lawn result?

Would you enjoy owning the best cut and catch Lawn Tractor on the market?

I am extending our generous Fielddays price reduction on this outstanding Honda Lawn Tractor.

This offer will run through from 1st August until the 1st September.

Honda Lawn Tractor HF2417HME

  • 40" Cutting Deck
  • GCV530 V-twin engine
  • Electric key start
  • Large 300 litre catcher

Our Special Price

$ 7999.00 (incl GST)

(Recommended Retail Price (incl GST) $8595.00)

Have a look over this great machine online or come in and see for yourself.

Honda is a brand synonymous with perfection, whether it is a car, a motorbike or small motor product for property care. Customers expect the very best when they buy the crème de la crème.

Honda designed mowers are in a class of their own. There are Horses for Courses and choosing the right one is the most important part of the purchase. The right advice at this point is the key to long term reliability and peace of mind!

Remember we are running this special from 1st August until the 1st September!

Come in and have a look at our Honda Lawn Tractor and you will see we offer you peace of mind as well:

- A sparkling pleasant showroom, packed to the rafters with many choices of Best Brands
- A warm friendly welcome
- Encouragement to ask the simplest or the most complex questions
- Experienced staff who will listen carefully to your specified needs
- Unrivalled support service after purchase
- Ensure you buy the right equipment to suit those needs – properties differ – terrain, grass type etc.
- An efficient tidy workshop producing sound solid service and repair work
- Genuine spare parts – if we haven’t got it, we will get it (if it’s out there)
- Contractors – Silver Service - priority turn around
- Domestic users – if you have a deadline, we will do our best to meet it. (We usually do).
- Education to ensure you use your small motor safely
- We will not sell you parallel imports look alike models or pirated parts. Never! Ever!
- We will put right any failure on our part – tell us – please! We need to know and will get it sorted.


We appreciate our long term loyal customers, contractors, large property owners and urban gardeners

And extend a warm welcome to you if you are new to the Tauranga area – pop in and have a look around.

Stay safe out there


Howard Jones