Naismith & Jones September Clippings

Spring has sprung . . .

. . . the grass is growing rapidly and there's plenty of property maintenance to be done

Despite our rather old fashioned approach we are keeping well ahead of times with new, exciting and ever changing products, which will transform your property care.

Make life easier for yourself – it’s the right time to bring your pruning equipment in for seasonal servicing.

Or is it time to replace old equipment?  We have the latest range of Ride-ons, lawn-mowers, blowers, edgers, multi-tools and hand tools – buy the best and you will get the best job done.

Electric, battery, large or small we have everything you need; and for total peace of mind - we offer aftercare and warranty provisions you can absolutely rely on.


It's time to start stacking next year's fire wood


So take advantage of this great Oleo Mac chainsaw special

Italian Quality - Oleo Mac

Dispite the balmy start to winter, many of you will have lit the wood fire for the first time recently as grey skies and winds from the southwest turn the evenings considerably more chilly.

If you have old logs that have been hanging around at the back of the garden now’s a good time to saw them up for firewood.

And this is also an excellent time for pruning branches and felling trees, as the sap has fallen back leaving the wood needing less time to season.

So if you’re looking for a decent chainsaw you won’t go wrong with a machine from Italy’s leading manufacturer Oleo-Mac.


  • Top Spec Chain Saw

  • Italian Brand Oleo Mac GS44

  • 43cc Engine

  • 18" Bar and Chain

  • Supplied fueled and running

  • Includes first free service

  • 2 Year Warranty

$ 599.00 (Including GST)

Immagini 020

Lithium Battery Products

There are Horses for Courses!

Just like horses, small motors evolve, change, improve and are now tailor made to match the shift in lifestyles, property sizes and consumers’ thinking.

horse yellow

Are you a domestic user?

  • Do you have a small area of lawn to mow?
  • Do you like the thought of no smelly petrol?
  • Are you fed up with “pulling” the starter and that sinking feeling when nothing happens?
  • Does the thought of ‘no servicing’ (apart from blades, wheels and mishaps, etc) appeal to you?
  • Do you appreciate quick, clean and easy to use gear?

If it is the Big Tick to all of the above, we would like to introduce you to our innovative Range of Lithium battery products………

LawnMaster Lithium
Masport Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion offers the most advanced rechargeable battery system on the market. It rivals any petrol tool in terms of power, reliability and economy.

Simply charge and GO ! One Battery for All

In a nutshell Lithium Ion Products:

  • Light weight
  • No fuel
  • Zero emissions
  • Low vibrations
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Easy care
Fully charged

The Lithium battery will power the full range of products – Lawn Mower, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter and Blower.

Lawn Master is a New Zealand company that has been trusted since 1946, when Steelfort began manufacturing in Palmerston North.

Masport is another home-grown ‘Most Trusted Brand’ since 1910.

We also stock a full range of reliable Victa Lithium Ion products. All with same great advantages.

Visit the brands with the links below, come and see us, make your life easier!

Stay safe out there & enjoy the beauty of spring


Howard Jones