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The Small Motor Champions of Tauranga are show-casing

The Big Masport Trade In - Trade Up

Is it time for the old mower to go?


Trade up to a selected Masport lawnmower and Naismith & Jones will give you at least $50!

Thinking of trading up? Now is the time!

This special runs October through December.

100 years in the making
EST . 1910

Unique to Naismith & Jones - Exclusive Stockists in Tauranga
of the new Masport 8/0 Series


News from Masport... says it all....

“The original Masport 8/0 series was pioneered in the seventies and has withstood the test of time. Some decades later it continues to be one of Masport’s best performing series, with new technology keeping these lawnmowers at the forefront of the competition. The 8/0 series offers a long life, rust free aluminium chassis with no compromise, as only superior materials are used in conjunction with the most famous small engine brand, Briggs & Stratton. The combination of these class leading brands delivers over 200 years of grass cutting experience – an uncompromised partnership with uncompromised performance”.

Within 8/0 series are six lawnmowers all with differing features to suit your particular needs.

  • All are powered by Briggs & Stratton ranging from 140cc to 190cc.
  • All have robust warranties.
  • All have heavy duty aluminium non-rust chassis.

Come in and inspect this great new range with its great new colour scheme. Let us guide you through and equip you with the best lawnmower for your property.

And don’t forget – $50 trade-in comes off the price – along with all of our usual free benefits. (See side panel).


Prices range from $649.00 (incl. GST) to $999.00 (incl. GST)

Time to get mowing. Time to get sorted.

Masport 8/0 SERIES


Sometimes really really nice things happen! One of our valued customers, Geoff, took the trouble to bake us all a cake and bring it in. He said that it was “In appreciation for all our good old fashioned care and service – something hard to find these days.” Isn’t that just great!

Thank you very much Geoff.

It was delicious!


The workshop boys are still banging on! They are sharpening their tools and are keen to remind everyone that the Busy Barometer is rising fast. The sun is beginning to shine, well now and then, but our customers are already mowing, chopping, trimming and sawing their way to Christmas.

The boys would like you to check over your stuff and ensure that annual servicing or repairs and maintenance are booked in. The Big Panic is just around the corner, so please come in NOW for your sake and ours!

Just to finish - if you are looking for a leaf blower with a difference - this customer review says it all...

Axial Battery Leaf Blower

Customer Review


"This leaf blower is simply incredible. It is light, at just 3 1/2 kilos but really powerful. It has a great directional nozzle and a cruise control which makes the job so easy. Starting is a simple squeeze of the trigger.


Leaf blowing is literally a breeze. It can blow pebbles and bark off pavers and leaves off stones and paths with great control.


Superbly efficient leaf blowers! Even blowing out my garage!


Light   Simple   Powerful   Perfect


Love it!


Thank you Naismith & Jones."

Come in and see it for yourself.

Stay Safe Out There.


Howard Jones
Owner Manager