Naismith & Jones May Best Buys

It seems too soon, but summer has well and truly slipped away and there is clear evidence that sawing, clipping, chipping and mulching is in full swing.


To better help with these essential autumn activities we have some seriously hard working gear for you.

Everybody loves Hansa!


Time and time again, our customers come back to tell us that they are thrilled with their purchase of a Hansa Chipper. Having tried others in the past, the Hansa is tops. Made in New Zealand since 1980, Hansa Products are specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality brush chipping and shredding equipment. They are world class and in a class of their own.

We encourage you to visit the Hansa website (Have a look right here), where each model is described and there is an excellent video on the extraordinary capabilities and power of the Hansa, hard at work. Then come in and see us and we will help you to get the right model for your property. Become a Happy Hansa Customer! They are selling like Hot Cakes!

Here is what two of our very special customers, Migail & Sabina Claydon had to say when they bought the 5000th Hansa C7 chipper.


“We purchased our Hansa C7 chipper and have used it each weekend on our section of 4900 sqm. We started a well overdue clean up in one very hard to reach section of the property. How embarrassing to find hundreds of cherry trees, tobacco weed (trees!!!) and other out of control invasive plants in this particular area.


My husband and daughter were each on chainsaws; I was feeding the chipper.... with amazing results. The Hansa chomped itself through the most robust and nasty weeds and left us with a tidy, surprisingly small pile of chips. I was able to handle the branches of the cherry trees without any problem as the machine grabs the branch and controls the feeding motion gently enough for me to cope.
The Hansa C7 is a great asset to our gardening equipment.
The only complaint from my husband is that he is not getting a turn!


Thank you Naismith and Jones and to Grant Lassing for your service”.


You will have an opportunity to win a fabulous Hansa C7 chipper during the Bay of Plenty Garden & Art Festival. The manufacturers of Hansa in Hamilton together with Naismith & Jones have donated this wonderful chipper to the festival – look out for tickets nearer the time of the festival in November.

From Marc Anderson's pen...

"Marc Anderson, Director of the Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival, says that he and all the Festival team were delighted to get the opportunity to work with Naismith and Jones and Hansa. The Hansa Chipper range is brilliant and there is a lot of interest in our very own 'Festival' Hansa Chipper. We can't wait to show off the chipper leading up to our festival in November."

Thank you Marc.

Be in to Win this Best-Selling Chipper!



All shapes - all sizes!

May 1st until end of June!


Come in and talk to us – these powerful precise Japanese engineered Shindaiwa chainsaws will make mincemeat of all of your sawing and pruning needs. The perfect companions for your autumn clean up. Now is the time to save money and get your work done efficiently and effortlessly.

Have a look right here - give us a call or better still - come in

Stay safe out there


Howard Jones
Owner / Manager