Naismith & Jones February Special & Tips


Who could ask for anything more than this fantastic summer break? Whilst some of us will be indulging in sun, sea and surf, believe it or not some will be splitting logs for winter fires. It is the very best time to do so. Timber is dry and the weather settled. Those rounds of timber are just in perfect condition now !


New from Masport
5 Tonne Log Splitter using Kinetic Technology


Our Introduction Special!

RRP $649 (incl. GST) - Our special $599 (incl. GST)

So fast, So efficient and as Tough as the Logs it can Split.

The new Masport log splitter is fast and efficient, utilising the latest in kinetic technology. The motor spins twin 6.7kg flywheels at 400rpm which store the kinetic energy generated, then release it in a rapid burst of energy once the operator engages the levers. This pushes the log in an extremely fast motion onto the splitting wedge, quickly splitting in less than two seconds before quickly resetting, ready to split the next log.

When they say FAST they mean it !!

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Now for a special of a different kind...

Over the years we have assisted many of our customers to make better decisions about caring for their gear. Here are just two tips that will save you a lot of time, a lot of money and a great deal of grief.


Tip Number One - Fuel

ONLY EVER use high octane fuel in your small motor products and never use Ethanol based fuels in them. Small motors are not like cars, they need high octane fuel to run properly and do a better job. Low octane fuel can bring your small motor to its knees.

NEVER leave fuel for months in a can and expect it to run your machine – it won’t!! Just smell the old stale fuel and you will understand – it goes OFF in a big way!


Tip Number Two - Sticks vs Ride-on Mowers

NEVER use your ride on mower to mow STICKS. They are not designed for this purpose; ride on mowers are for cutting grass and grass alone.

Check your grass first and collect up all sticks. If you attempt to mow them up you will destroy expensive belts in the blink of an eye. No warranty in this situation and the possibility of further damage done. It’s not worth it!

Mow Grass Only - No sticks!


Follow these tips based on our years of experience and your life will be easier.

Stay Safe Out There


Howard Jones
Owner / Manager